According to the
Brain Injury Society, falls and car accidents are the two biggest causes of
traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI is an “umbrella” term, under which two primary two classifications
of injuries exist — open and closed head injuries. Specific brain
injuries will then fall into one of those two categories. There are several
types of TBIs that can be caused by
car accidents, with the four discussed here being more common.

1. Concussions

Sustaining a concussion from a car accident is a relatively common occurrence,
even if the accident was not severe. It doesn’t take much to concuss
a person, and the snapping motion of the head and neck during an accident
can be enough to cause the brain to become bruised. Concussions typically
heal on their own, but must be observed closely in the first few days
for complications. In a few cases, concussions can lead to long term side effects.

2. Axonal Closed Head Injuries

These types of
traumatic brain injuries come from violent shaking, such as would occur in a multi-car pileup or
a rollover accident that sends a car tumbling down an embankment, for
example. The shaking actually rattles the brain inside the skull, resulting
in a TBI. Over time, the damage caused may improve, but permanent brain
injury is also a possibility. This type of TBI can cause a person to struggle
with daily tasks and memory recall for the rest of their life.

3. Penetrating Head Wounds

Penetrating TBIs come from objects that penetrate the skull and enter the
brain. There are several different ways this can happen in a car accident,
although penetration injuries are not as common as injuries sustained
to a closed skull. Flying debris can be propelled at a velocity that could
cause a penetrating head wound and depending on where the brain is injured
and how seriously, this kind of TBI can be especially devastating or even fatal.

4. Contusions

Contusions are similar to concussions, but they may involve blood clots
and other bleeding that must be surgically addressed. This can cause significant
brain damage if not handled carefully, so it is vital that the problem
be detected quickly. However, even with proper treatment, contusions can
cause lingering issues like behavioral and mood changes, memory loss, and more.

Traumatic brain injuries can have catastrophic and lifelong consequences.
If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI, there is help available. A car
accident lawsuit may provide financial remedy for medical expenses and
lost wages and can also penalize negligent drivers for their actions behind
the wheel.

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