misdiagnosis is a common form of
medical malpractice that can lead to serious consequences. Not only is the patient at risk
of not receiving the proper treatment, but they could also be receiving
unnecessary treatment that leads to further complications.

Although you may not be a doctor, there are
5 ways you may be able to avoid becoming the victim of a misdiagnosis in
Cleveland, Ohio:

  1. don’t assume that test results are being passed on properly; ask
    for verification;
  2. ask for additional testing if you aren’t satisfied with the results
    or there is still no explanation for your symptoms;
  3. if there are multiple doctors involved in your care, ensure they are communicating
    with each other;
  4. do your own research to see if your symptoms match up with the diagnosis
    being given; and
  5. ask to see test results yourself.

If you ever have questions or concerns about the diagnosis you are given,
you as the patient have the right to address this further with your doctor.
Once you have been given a diagnosis, you should also seek a second opinion.

Patients often fail to recognize their own rights. You don’t have
to take a doctor for their word. You should take whatever steps are necessary
to ensure your medical care is safe and appropriate.