Hospitals are often held legally responsible in Ohio
medical malpractice cases when negligence injures a patient.

In order to file a claim, you must be able to show that some form of medical
negligence took place. Negligence is simply the legal term that refers
to any behavior that a medical professional performs that contradicted
an acceptable standard of care for the patient.

In other words, you must show that the hospital contributed to your injuries
due to a mistake, accident, or miscommunication.

There are several situations in which a hospital may be found negligent,

  1. emergency room errors;
  2. labor and delivery mistakes;
  3. failure to diagnose an illness or infection;
  4. misdiagnosis;
  5. surgical mistakes and
    wrong-site surgeries;
  6. hospital-acquired infections (HAIs); and
  7. improper or insufficient monitoring of treatment.

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medical malpractice claim against a hospital, attorney
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