Sharing Our Trial Experience with the Legal Community

For more than 30 years, our attorneys at The Mellino Law Firm have been
dedicated to representing injury victims, protecting the rights of our
clients, and sharing our knowledge with the legal field at large. Continuing
in that tradition, our partner
Meghan Lewallen and attorney
Calder Mellino recently offered their legal insights in a co-authored article for the
Spring 2020 edition of Cleveland Academy of Trial Attorneys (CATA) News!

Titled “Nuts & Bolts Of Ohio Civil Rule 30(B)(5): Deposition
Of A Corporation,” the article takes an in-depth look at the process
for depositions of a corporation in Ohio – and lists out the core
duties and responsibilities required of all the parties involved. Explaining
that Ohio Civil Rule 30(B)(5) is an adoption of federal procedure, the
piece also breaks down the major differences between this rule and Ohio
Civil Rule 30(B)(1), which governs a witness’s deposition as an

The article also discusses some of the most common issues that can arise
with deposing a corporation, such as:

  • Dealing with improper objections when your Rule 30(B)(5) notice is first
    received by the corporation
  • Navigating limited knowledge and preparation among witnesses in the corporation
  • Establishing that a designated witness is not adequately prepared to testify
  • Combating claims of attorney-client privilege made by the defending party
  • Seeking testimony from former employees who have relevant knowledge of
    the specified topics

As the article notes, it can be difficult for plaintiff’s attorneys
to obtain testimony from corporations that have become increasingly compartmentalized
over the years. By providing a comprehensive overview of Rule 30(B)(5),
Attorneys Lewallen and Mellino have offered other trial attorneys their
own deposition “best practices” after working with corporations
large and small throughout Ohio.

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