Kids and dangerous products don’t mix. Be alert to the hazards in
today’s consumer marketplace.

Generally speaking, most consumer products are tested in many ways prior
to being put on the market. Whether or not the testing is as complete
as we’d like to think is another question. And, while dangerous
products constantly stalk the marketplace, there are none more disturbing
that those items made for kids. One wonders how hard it is to “think
like a child,” and adapt toys or other product designs accordingly
to be safer.

“Many of the product recalls for children’s items that we’ve
witnessed over the past few years, weeks even, involve dangerous components
or hazardous materials. Think small pieces detaching and choking a baby,
sharp edges that shear fingers off, items with attractive cords posing
a strangulation risk and toys with lead content so high it virtually sets
off alarm bells,” said
Christopher Mellino of the Mellino Law Firm LLC, in Ohio. Just about any scary scenario is
a reality these days. While millions of items are recalled every year
because of safety concerns, it’s typical that a recall is not instituted
until someone has been harmed.

Recalls that have been launched because a concern was caught shortly after
product dispersal are dangerous for several reasons. There may have been
no incidents reported yet, because the recall action was launched quickly.
But even if the recall was initiated rapidly, there is always the chance
that the product in question was purchased by someone who will not know
or hear about any recalls.

There’s a lot to be said about doing things right the first time,
before sending a product out for millions of consumers to buy. This concern
is even more valid given the global marketplace of the 21st century, where
many items are made in other countries for U.S. businesses, thus lacking
the quality control of home.

Many consumers these days are label shopping, and who can blame them? With
the number of unprecedented recalls of items, it’s frightening to
think that our lives are at the mercy of someone who makes a product with
a potentially fatal flaw. It’s even more worrisome that product
manufacturers, in their haste to make money, don’t stop and check
things twice before promoting their products.

“For those who have been in a situation where a product you thought
was safe wasn’t and it harmed you or your family, bring your case
to me for an initial assessment. I’ll be able to explain
product liability law to you as we discuss the details of your case,” Mellino said. “You
may be eligible to obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages,
pain and suffering, and, in extreme cases, the
wrongful death of your child.”