If you have been seriously injured in an accident, you may be entitled
to compensation if the accident was the other driver’s fault. To
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Some types of insurance coverage in Ohio are mandatory, such as bodily
injury liability. However, other types of coverage can be very beneficial
to motorists.

One such type of insurance is personal injury protection (PIP), which can
provide compensation for medical and other expenses. However, there may
be limits as to which types of costs are covered and the amount covered
per person.

In general, PIP may cover loss of income, hospital and medical expenses,
earning potential in the event of a disability, and funeral costs. There
may be other types of compensation available, depending on the specifics
of your policy.

No one can predict when he or she will suffer serious injury in an accident.
That’s why motorists shouldn’t just consider mandatory insurance
coverage, but should also consider optional types of coverage that may
be beneficial.

In addition to PIP, you might consider adding uninsured and underinsured
motorist coverage. This can provide compensation if you are injured in
an accident in which the other driver has no insurance or not enough coverage
to cover your financial damages.

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