Medical malpractice happens in the blink of an eye. A split-second
misdiagnosis gone wrong happened in this shocking case.

The woman in this
medical malpractice case went through hell and back. Thanks to a $3.9 million award, she may
just barely be able to keep up to date with her around the clock medical
care. Her life is nothing like it used to be. She has great difficulty
walking and needs help with all her daily living tasks, like getting dressed.
Her family and two kids were in complete shock and anguish, as they did
not think she would live at all.

It started in December 2006, when the woman went to the E.R. at her local
hospital with a nagging, horrendously painful headache, and blood pressure
just about out of sight. She had been getting treatment for M.S., which
included high doses of steroids. Steroids do tend to cause high blood
pressure. The doctor misdiagnosed a brain bleed as a migraine, and sent
the woman home with pain medications.

In the morning, the woman’s headache had vanished, but she could
no longer walk or talk. Her family had an ambulance take her back to the
hospital, where not much could be done to help her, as the damage had
already been done. She had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke.

The medical malpractice trial was long and arduous, but the results were
clear; the doctor was negligent and his insurance carrier was required
to pay for his medical malpractice. The hospital itself was not found
to be negligent, because E.R. doctors are not hospital staff. They are
contract staff.

The upshot of the case is that a patient that trusted the doctor to know
what he was doing, no longer has a normal life, has to learn to write
left-handed as she is completely paralyzed on her right side, and struggles
through every day. She is no longer able to snowboard, ski, ride a bicycle
or inline skate, and if she wants to go to her kid’s school, they
have to help her walk. Apparently the doctor retired just shortly after
the trial.

Not every medical malpractice is as devastating as this one, but it should
be noted that medical malpractice cases that go to a jury trial are not
in the least frivolous. Medical negligence lawyers do not take just any
medical malpractice case to court. They take the ones with merit; the
ones that cry out for justice. They take those where the victim’s
life is catastrophically altered, and will never be the same again and
the ones where medical care is enormously expensive, because a doctor
did not know what he or she was doing.

If you suspect you have been the victim of medical malpractice, contact
an experienced Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer. If you want your
voice to be heard, to tell your story and what you are suffering through
because of medical negligence, a Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer
will be your voice; a voice that will obtain justice.