You may file a
medical malpractice claim against a pediatrician on your own, but it’s better to hire
a lawyer who specializes in
pediatric malpractice.

When interviewing an attorney, ask whether he or she has experience handling
child injury cases. If so, he or she will provide both you and your child
the compassion and resources you will need during this difficult time.

When meeting with prospective legal counsel, be sure to take all the documentation
you will need to build your case. This includes contact information for
your child’s doctor(s), medical records and bills, and any other
paperwork the attorney requests when you set up the appointment.

Proceeding With Your Pediatric Malpractice Claim

At the hearing, your attorney will present evidence and call expert witnesses
to help prove the physician’s negligence. In order to win a malpractice
case in Ohio, the court needs to see that the doctor did not provide your
child with an acceptable standard of care.

In many situations, the case won’t even get to the trial stage because
the doctor’s insurance company will offer your family a settlement
to compensate you for your child’s injury, illness, or disability.
Your pediatric malpractice lawyer will advise as to whether the offer
is fair. Damages awarded can cover the costs of the child’s medical
care, including rehabilitation and home care. You may also be eligible
for non-economic damages for the pain and suffering you and your child
have suffered because of the medical error.

If your child’s doctor caused an injury, nerve damage, or disability, attorney
Chris Mellino welcomes you to
contact our Cleveland office with any questions you may have. You may also download or
request Chris’ free, easy-to-read guide to filing a medical malpractice
claim in Ohio.