Unfortunately, most people will find out that their
car accident insurance coverage is not adequate to cover them
after an accident has occurred. While car insurance is usually required by most
states, including Ohio, to even operate a vehicle, the required minimums
are not usually enough to cover you fully after an accident.

Tips for Purchasing or Renewing Car Insurance Coverage

  • Raise Your Coverage Limits – In the event that you are involved in a collision with an expensive
    vehicle or a person is injured critically your minimums may not cover
    you and leave you holding the bag for thousands in property damage and/or
    medical bills. Talk to your insurance representative; you should be able
    to increase your coverage substantially without much extra cost.
  • Look for Discounts – Many discounts are advertised by insurance companies, such as
    those for a clean driving record, but you may be eligible for even more
    deductions. Things like
    working from home a few days a week, a good report card or
    taking a driving course can all cut your rates. Call your policy provider to see what is available.
  • Pay it All At Once – If you can afford it, paying for policy all at once up front can
    get you a discount. Many companies tack on installment fees for choosing
    a monthly or quarterly payment plan.