Welcoming a new child into the world is often one of the greatest joys
expecting parents will ever experience. Unfortunately, if a medical professional
acts negligently and provides substandard care, your joyous moment could
be paired with pain, anger, and confusion. If your child suffered a birth
injury due to someone else’s error or negligence, it’s important
that you understand how the injury was caused and what the potential repercussions may be.

Birth injuries can vary greatly in severity. While the effects of some birth injuries
might last no longer than a day or two, others could lead to lifelong
consequences. When dealing with these types of injuries in infants, the
symptoms are often difficult for parents to detect because developmental
delays do not become evident until the child begins missing major milestones.

In order to determine whether or not your child was harmed in the birth
process, make sure you know what types of birth injuries to be aware of.

We have compiled a list of some of the most common causes of birth injuries below:

  • Head trauma during delivery: Head trauma in a newborn baby can result in severe damage to the nervous
    system and brain, sometimes resulting in hematomas. One of the most common
    conditions caused by this type of injury is
    cerebral palsy, which cannot be cured.
  • Forced delivery: The delivery process can sometimes be incredibly difficult and require
    substantially more effort than a mother can give. Under these circumstances,
    a doctor might need to aid the process, using a vacuum, forceps, or even
    forced pressure. However, this increases the risk of a birth injury to
    the infant, such as Erb’s palsy, which can lead to paralysis and
    other problems.
  • The delivery was delayed: Going through labor is a traumatic experience for the body, which is why
    it is crucial that the process move swiftly to prevent injuries from occurring
    to the mother or the infant. When a delivery is delayed, or complications
    are not treated soon enough, this can cause serious injuries, or may even
    result in death.
  • Lack of oxygen: Another common cause of birth injuries is oxygen deprivation, which often
    occurs due to complications in the womb that require immediate medical
    treatment, particularly those involving the umbilical cord.
  • Premature birth: A big concern for expecting parents is premature birth. Medical professionals
    must properly monitor the growth of the fetus to prevent this from occurring,
    though there are certain conditions, such as
    preeclampsia or a weakened cervix, that can force a premature birth to occur. Some
    of these conditions can be detected and addressed, so it is important
    for medical professionals to be vigilant and effectively monitor both
    mother and child, especially if there are high-risk factors involved.

If your baby sustained a birth injury that you believe was caused by medical
negligence, it is crucial that you seek skilled legal representation as
soon as possible to pursue compensation.

Compassionate Birth Injury Lawyers in Cleveland

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