Giving a friend, family member, or stranger a kidney can be a positive
life-changing event for both parties; however, if a mistake is made during
the surgery and/or follow-up care, the results could be devastating. That’s
what happened to at least 12 people who underwent surgery to donate a
kidney to a loved one, according to
CNN Health. The improper use of surgical clips caused major bleeding into the abdominal area.

Many times, a surgeon will use tiny surgical clips to hold arteries closed.
This is usually safe, except in the case of a laparoscopic kidney donation
surgery. The clips are too large and can slip off, causing internal bleeding
and death. These mistakes have been attributed to poor instruction on
how to use the clips from the manufacturers and negligent doctors who
continue to use the clips for laparoscopic surgery on the kidneys despite
warnings not to.

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