You may have the right to sue your doctor if you underwent an unnecessary
invasive procedure. Whether you were misdiagnosed or another form of treatment
wasn’t tried first, you should
consult immediately with a medical malpractice lawyer in Ohio. A lawyer can decide if you have a legitimate surgery malpractice
claim worth pursuing.

Undergoing surgery is serious because there are risks involved that may
have been avoided. Some of the risks of surgery include
complications from anesthesia, infection, bleeding and more.

Along with the inherent risks of surgery is the stress of knowing that
you didn’t need to go under the knife. This form of medical malpractice
is more common when it comes to certain types of surgeries.

Here are some common types of unnecessary surgeries:

  • gastric bypass;
  • Caesarean section;
  • hysterectomy;
  • cardiac catheterization;
  • coronary bypass;
  • angioplasty;
  • carotid endarterectomy;
  • implantable pacemaker; and
  • back surgery.

Different types of malpractice involving surgery may lead to filing a
surgery malpractice claim. When you have been the victim of unnecessary surgery,
contacting a medical malpractice lawyer in Ohio is the best way to learn what legal options may be available.