The sudden
wrongful death of a loved one is heartbreaking and even infuriating. If your loved one’s
death was caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness and
could have been prevented, you may be left with many questions and mixed emotions.

As you unexpectedly plan a funeral or memorial service for your loved one,
a wrongful death lawsuit may be the last thing on your mind. Despite your
grief, acting quickly after a wrongful death can significantly impact
the overall outcome of your case. Here are some crucial steps to take
if your loved one passed away due to wrongful death.

Begin Gathering Evidence

In any injury case, whether due to a car accident or
medical malpractice, evidence is one of the most important aspects. This is particularly true
if the accident resulted in a loved one’s death. Evidence –
like accident scene photos, police reports, and witness testimonies –
plays a powerful role in illustrating what actually happened to cause
your loved one’s death. Any evidence collected will help tell the
story to an insurance company, a judge, and a jury, and will help determine
if negligence or carelessness was a factor.

While law enforcement officers will do some investigation depending on
the type of accident – say, a
car accident, for example – it’s important that you don’t leave everything
up to them. After all, they may not necessarily be concerned with your
best interests or justice for your loved one. Rather, they seek to close
the case quickly. In some cases, those involved in the accident that caused
your loved one’s death may be connected to law enforcement and other
area officials, which could compromise their investigation.

Instead, do what you can to take a proactive approach and ensure that all
evidence available is collected and secured. Over time, evidence can fade
along with people’s memories of what happened.

Another important way to obtain evidence is to insist an autopsy be done.
No matter the alleged cause of death, an autopsy is the definitive say
in the matter and may be the only way to legitimately prove cause of death.

Contact an Attorney

A large portion of an attorney’s job is helping you to collect the
aforementioned evidence that is so critical in your case. For example,
calls to the police department to speak with the officer compiling the
accident report may go unreturned. Or, the police could overlook witnesses
or take their statements long after the incident.

An attorney can help you speed up the process of gathering evidence by
putting pressure on the individuals who are in the position of securing
that evidence. In some cases, an attorney may even hire an independent
accident reconstructionist who can provide you with a detailed report
of what may have happened. Often, third party reconstruction reports are
more accurate than the reports compiled by officials who were on the scene.

Get Help and Support

Grieving a lost loved one is difficult no matter how they passed away.
However, the sudden death of a family member due to negligence can be
a particularly devastating blow. One of the most important things you
can do for yourself and for surviving family members is arrange for help
and support.

Grief counseling can help you process the myriad of emotions you’re
experiencing. While there’s no “quick fix” and everyone
goes through different grieving processes, seeking professional help gives
you the freedom and guidance to deal with the various stages of mourning.
Counselors can make the burden feel a little lighter.

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If your loved one died unexpectedly as the result of negligence, you and
your family deserve compensation for expenses related to their death and
justice. It’s necessary that the person(s) responsible for your
loved one’s passing be held legally liable for their action or inaction.

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