Dealing with an insurance adjuster can be challenging when you have a pre-existing
injury. In order to protect your claim and rights, contact a
personal injury attorney in Cleveland. He or she can explain the legal options that may be available. Having
a pre-existing injury can quickly cause your personal injury claim to
be diminished or outright denied.

Although you may not tell the insurance company about previous accidents
or previous injuries, adjusters often utilize various resources for discovering
this information. The adjuster may try and use this information against
you in your claim if they find any evidence of pre-existing injuries or
previous accidents.

Early in the claims process, the insurance adjuster will not only ask you
about the facts surrounding the accident in question, but they will likely
ask if you have previously been injured in an accident. You may think
answering no will protect your claim, but this may actually damage it.

Therefore, before you even deal with an insurance adjuster, speak with
an attorney. He or she can help counter any assumptions or accusations
the insurance company may make.

Like it or not, pre-existing injuries will factor into your personal injury
claim. Such injuries may negatively impact your claim, which is why many
choose to seek legal counsel from the start.

Seeking Help from a Personal Injury Attorney in Cleveland

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