Injury or death occurs in approximately 90 percent of all
medical malpractice cases. The causes of these malpractice cases are vast. However,
surgical errors seem to be a major cause. It is responsible for as many as 100,000
wrongful deaths a year. Learn the types of surgical errors, why they happen, and how to
seek help from a malpractice attorney if you are a victim.

Types of Surgical Errors

Surgical errors may include operating on the wrong body part or operating
on the wrong person. Some patients have even had surgical instruments
left inside their bodies after a surgery. Although these mistakes seem
outlandish, they unfortunately do occur.

Why Surgical Errors Occur

Many blame overcrowding in hospitals, miscommunication, illegible handwriting,
fatigue, inadequate pre-operative planning, and failure to note drug allergies.
Although some of these may not seem like the doctor’s fault, he
or she is responsible for ensuring patients receive adequate, accurate
care. When negligence gets in the way of that care, the doctor may be
subject to a medical malpractice suit for a patient’s personal injury
or wrongful death.

surgical errors are to blame for the
wrongful death of your loved one,
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