Expert witness fees can be expensive, but an expert’s testimony is
generally required in a
medical malpractice claim in Ohio.

How Expert Witness Fees are Determined

Expert witness fees can vary but are usually based on a variety of factors,

  • Professional experience. Typically, a medical professional with 30 years of clinical experience
    is going to charge more than one who’s only been practicing for five.
  • Courtroom experience. Doctors with extensive courtroom experience may charge a higher rate.
    Medical professionals looking to break into the role of medical expert
    may be able to offer you a lower rate.
  • Time required. An expert‘s rate also depends on how much time he or she will need
    to spend on your case.
  • Location. Typically, a local expert witness is going to be more affordable than
    one from out of town or out of state; however, doctors rarely like to
    testify against colleagues, friends, and former classmates. If your attorney
    hires an expert who practices outside of Ohio, you will have to pay hotel
    and transportation expenses if that person is required to come to Cleveland
    for trial.