If you’ve been injured by a
physician error and are pursuing an Ohio medical malpractice case, you will be learning
about the various aspects of filing a claim and become familiar with the
important players who will help prove your case. You can count on your
lawyer to hire expert witnesses.

Expert witnesses are medical professionals who contribute their educated
opinion on the circumstances of your illness or injury. They can help
clarify the nature and extent of your injuries, and explain how –
had the doctor acted differently – you would likely not have suffered
physical damage.

In order to prove a medical malpractice case, there needs to be evidence
that the physician (nurse or hospital) departed from the standard of good
medical practice when they were treating you. There also needs to be evidence
that their departure from this standard of care caused you harm. In order
to do this, the expert witnesses will look at the scenario that allegedly
caused your injury. They can draw from their own medical knowledge and
experience and explain how most competent healthcare providers should
have proceeded in a similar situation.

The standard of care is based on how the average doctor would act in a
particular medical situation, although specialists are usually held to
a higher standard. It’s not up to the expert witness to make your
doctor look like a bad person; it’s simply to explain that he or
she did not provide you with the acceptable standard of care.

Expert witnesses are expected to provide credentials to show that they
are qualified to evaluate your medical malpractice case, and can meet
with your attorneys to undergo interviews and present medical reports
that meet legal standards.