When a physician or surgeon makes a mistake that results in serious
emergency room problems, the consequences can be disastrous for the injured patient. Not only
can an instance of emergency room malpractice add to the already burdensome
tragedy of pain and suffering,
but it can also put families in precarious financial situations:

  • lost wages;
  • decreased or lost earning potential;
  • the cost of therapy;
  • treatment; and
  • rehabilitation from the incurred injury can put you and your family under
    additional strain.

Insurance companies gather cost data on procedures, so divining the projected
cost of the treatment you will need is not difficult. It’s important
that you wait until your injuries are healed before seeking to settle.
Cost projections are more accurate at this point.

Studies have estimated that health care errors cost large hospitals more
than $5 million per year, and that preventable health care injuries contribute
between $17 and $29 billion to health care costs – so patients are
bearing the financial burden of medical mistakes as well as the physical

When an emergency room mistake causes injury and suffering to you or someone
you love,
reach out to our medical malpractice attorneys today! We will defend your patient rights and passionately pursue a medical
lawsuit on your behalf against the responsible parties.