The medical community takes precautions to assure the public that surgical
errors, such as a wrong site surgery, are far less common than is portrayed
in the media, but recent
wrong site surgery statistics indicate that, in fact, these kinds of medical mistakes are
more common than many of us consider. If you or a loved one has been the
victim of
surgery malpractice, reach out to an attorney who’s passionate about seeking justice
for patients and who will educate you and your family about your legal options.

A 2010 study, reported by the Archives of Surgery, concluded that wrong
site surgery (and even wrong patient surgery) numbers were considerably
higher than previous estimates indicated, and surgical errors in the “catastrophic”
range were far higher than the public has been led to believe. An accompanying
analysis of the study stated that every hospital has had an episode of
wrong site surgery, at least every year or once every few years.

Approximately one-third of these surgery malpractice errors led to permanent
or long-term complications for the patient, and only 22% of those resulted in a
medical malpractice claim.

Don’t be a part of the population whose injury goes unacknowledged
by the members of the medical community who are responsible – if
you’ve been the victim of a wrong site surgery, contact an attorney.

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