August 25, 2014,
USA Today reported that 100 people have filed death claim applications with GM since
the filing period began August 1. Another 184 people submitted injury claims.

“The numbers do not necessarily reflect the number of victims legitimately
affected by the ignition-switch defect, which lingered for more than a
decade before GM finally ordered a recall in February,” the article
stated. As USA Today said in February, the defect “inadvertently
shut off the engine while driving … [and] cut off the driver’s
power steering and brakes, as well as safety systems such as airbags and
anti-lock brakes.”

Like personal injury lawsuits, claimants must prove that the faulty ignition
switch caused the injury or death,
Auto Blog said.

Those who file a claim should expect a three- to four-month delay in payment
as GM’s compensation administrator determines who gets how much.
For instance, injury claims will be paid according to severity, and death
claims will be settled for at least $1 million, per

“The automaker will give another $300,000 for each surviving spouse
and dependent, in addition to a sum of money that will be determined by
the victims’ earning potential,” CNN said.

Those who accept GM’s settlement offer waive their right to file
a lawsuit.

Determining Liability in the Wrongful Death Lawsuits Against GM

March 25, 2014, reported that a retired Delphi Automotive employee filed a wrongful death
claim against GM because his daughter was killed when the ignition switch
failed in her 2006 Cobalt. According to the article, the car lost power,
became uncontrollable, and veered into oncoming traffic. The driver hit
a semi and was killed instantly.

Delphi Automotive made the defective ignition switches.

“In 2002, when automotive supplier Delphi began shipping the ignition
switches to General Motors that are now being blamed for at least 13 fatal
crashes, relations between the automaker and its former parts subsidiary
were among the worst in the history of the automobile industry,”
said in April. “Three years earlier, GM had spun
off Delphi in a bid to capitalize on the then-lucrative initial public
offering market, but Delphi remained heavily dependent on GM’s business
and was having trouble attracting new customers.”

Consequently, Delphi was forced to lower costs, and the quality of the
parts suffered. Rather than slow down the assembly line, General Motors
allegedly accepted the subpar parts. But “the automaker takes entire
responsibility for a poorly designed small-car ignition switch linked
to a number of motorist deaths and injuries, likely removing scrutiny
of the part supplier in the case,” Wards Auto said July 17.

During ignition switch hearings on Capitol Hill, Sen. Dean Heller reportedly
asked Delphi CEO Rodney O’Neal whether he felt his company was liable
for the accidents. When he said no, General Motors CEO Mary Barra said
in Delphi’s defense, “We’re the OEM. We’re the
company that’s responsible to integrate the parts into the vehicle,
so it’s our responsibility.”

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