Many hospital and healthcare workers are faced with long hours and shifts
at unconventional times of the day. This can affect nurses who are treating
patients in hospitals, and could lead to
nurse errors and medical malpractice injuries.

Insomnia Affects Nurses, Too

Many nurses work 12-hour shifts and may go without sleep for as long as
24 hours to adjust to their schedules. Their circadian rhythms can be
thrown off, resulting in a disruption of the body’s clock.

Nurses who fall into these patterns may experience:

  • extreme tiredness;
  • inability to cope with stressful situations;
  • decreased reactions or response time;
  • headaches and general fatigue;
  • concentration and memory problems; and
  • blurry or fuzzy vision.

When these things happen, the likelihood that a nurse will make a mistake
is increased dramatically. If you or a loved one were hurt or injured
by a tired healthcare professional that committed nurse errors, a Cleveland
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