If you have little ones, chances are you’ll be in and out of the
doctor’s office frequently for everything from a routine check-up
to bumps, bruises and colds. Some of these visits might require an x-ray
or CAT scan to evaluate the extent of an injury, but doing so may put
your child’s health at risk. Children may be more sensitive to the
effects of radiation than their adult counterparts which could ultimately
raise their risk of cancer.

If your pediatrician recommends an X-ray or CAT scan, you should consider
taking the following steps:

  • Ask that your child wear a protective lead shield over the parts of their
    body that do not need to be screened.
  • Ask if it is feasible for the lowest possible amount of radiation to be used.
  • Find out if there is a diagnostic alternative to an X-ray or CAT scan that
    can be used.

In some cases, an X-ray or CAT scan is the best option for treating your
child, but you should advocate on behalf of your child to ensure that
they are not being unnecessarily exposed to radiation. As is the case
with X-rays and CAT scans, it’s also important to ask questions
about any treatment your child may be receiving. An educated patient is
an empowered one and allows you to rest assured that you are making the
most informed decision on your child’s behalf.

If you’ve taken precautionary steps and find out that your doctor
was negligent in treating your child, you may be entitled to seek a
medical malpractice claim. For help,
contact Cleveland attorneys at the Mellino Law Firm LLC at (440) 333-3800.