In Ohio, emergency medical personnel and first responders are generally
immune from civil lawsuits. There are circumstances, however, that will
allow an injured person to pursue damages in a
medical malpractice claim. To learn more about the types of professionals that may be held
liable, speak with a Cleveland medical malpractice attorney.

While emergency room doctors and nurses can be held liable for injuries
you sustained due to negligence or incompetence, there are special rules
in place to protect those who are first on the scene of an accident or injury.

Ohio has immunity protections in place for first responders in an emergency
situation. Because emergencies usually require professionals to act quickly,
there is a greater likelihood that mistakes may be made.

Emergency medical personnel immune from civil actions for injury, death,
or loss of property may include:

  • emergency medical technicians, or paramedics;
  • students enrolled in emergency services training programs; and
  • those authorized to review the performance of paramedics.

Exceptions to First Responder Immunity

Although those who are employed as emergency first responders are generally
immune, there are circumstances in which the injured party may pursue
a claim for damages. If it can be demonstrated that the first responder
acted in a manner that involved “willful or wanton misconduct”,
immunity protections may not apply.

How a Cleveland Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help

Determining one or several parties liable for medical malpractice can be
difficult. The
team of lawyers at Mellino Law Firm specialize in this highly technical field of law. Located in Cleveland,
Mellino Law Firm, LLC has a proven track record when pursuing
medical malpractice claims against various health care professionals. Helping to determine
liability, gathering pertinent evidence, and securing expert testimony
are among the ways we can help ensure you are compensated for your injuries.
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