Many patients may feel afraid to speak up in the examination room when
they don’t understand something their doctor is telling them or
are uncomfortable with the way their treatment is going. In order to ensure
you have the best possible medical care in Cleveland and avoid the occurrence of a
medical malpractice, you should
follow these tips when communicating with your healthcare professional.

  • Bring a list with you of all the questions and concerns you may have about
    your health.
    Many times patients will “blank out” when their doctor asks
    if they have any questions, which prevents them from getting the information
    they need.
  • Speak up if you don’t understand something. Doctors may forget that you aren’t familiar with medical jargon
    or whether or not you have talked about something before. So don’t be shy.
  • If you have questions later, call to make a follow-up appointment. You will be better served to make another trip to the doctor than spin
    your wheels on your own and perhaps injure yourself or a make an illness worse.

Remember that you and your doctor share the same goal – for you to
be healthy. While it may take a few tries to get comfortable with opening
up to your doctor, the benefits are worth it.

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