While it’s impossible to erase all of your uneasiness after a dental
medical malpractice injury, there are steps you can take to calm your mind and body to make
the situation tolerable.

Simple Ways to Ease Dental Anxiety

Talking is the first step. You need to let your new dentist know about
your worries and concerns so that he or she can take appropriate measures
to lessen your discomfort. To reduce your stress level, try to choose
a time for your dental visit when you’re least likely to feel rushed
by other commitments.

To put your mind in a more relaxed state, ask your dentist if the office
can provide you with headphones so you can listen to music . A rising
number of dentists use virtual-reality goggles, which allow you to see
and hear natural images and sounds.

While some anxiousness is expected, extreme anxiety coupled with nightmares
and/or flashbacks could be signs of a more serious condition known as
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is an emotional sickness that’s
considered an anxiety disorder and typically develops as a result of an
extremely frightening experience.

If you’ve been injured by a dentist’s error and are suffering
from an anxiety disorder, you may be eligible for compensation.
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