Tips for Avoiding and Managing Complications with Pregnancy

These three tips take some of the worry about a pregnancy:

  • take control of overall health;
  • find the right doctor; and
  • advocate for yourself.

Being healthy prior to conceiving is among one of the best ways to improve
chances of having a healthy pregnancy. Before trying to get pregnant,
focus on health and fitness.

Upgrade diet, make adequate exercise a priority, and start taking a daily
multi-vitamin that includes folic acid. Also stop unhealthy habits like
smoking or heavy alcohol consumption. Get a full physical and talk with
a doctor to determine risk factors and to get any pre-existing conditions
under control.

Find the right doctor. If a doctor labels the pregnancy high risk then
as a patient, one might find that the general practitioner cannot meet
all medical needs. Do some research and ask for a reference to find a
specialist who deals with the special condition.

Be your own best advocate. Women dealing with high-risk pregnancies need
to cooperate with their healthcare providers and be proactive about their
medical care. Be sure to keep all prenatal appointments, call a doctor
or midwife for any concerns, and feel free to ask any and all medical
questions regarding steps to take to have a healthy pregnancy.