The first step is to contact a
medical malpractice attorney, so he or she can determine whether you have a legitimate complaint.

To win your case, you’ll have to establish that a doctor or other
healthcare provider made a mistake or acted carelessly. This error must
have caused your injury, disability, or disfigurement.

Ohio’s statute of limitations restricts the amount of time an injured
person can file a claim, so you should contact a medical malpractice attorney
as soon as possible. If you delay, you may lose your right to recover damages.

Your lawyer will enlist the help of a medical expert, who will verify the
merit of your claim. If your case goes to court, this person (usually
an out-of-state doctor) will testify that another doctor with similar
training and expertise would have acted differently.

Once your claim is filed, all parties involved will be notified. This may
include the physician, nurse, clinic, hospital, or any other relevant
parties depending on the circumstances of your case.

If you have specific questions about a medical malpractice claim, attorney
Chris Mellino welcomes you to
contact our Cleveland office. You may also
download or request Chris’ free, easy-to-read guide to filing a claim in Ohio.