While there are mothers giving birth in the United States without any complications,
there are those who are experiencing severe injuries. Annually, over 50,000
injuries and 700 death occur due to medical professionals neglecting proper
procedures. Instead of making improvements to these situations, the United
States has become the most dangerous country to give birth while other
countries improve birthing practices.

Critical Investigation Occurs

According to USA Today, after examining over half-million pages of cases
containing internal hospital quality records of over 150 women who experienced
tragic deliveries, 75 birthing hospitals were contacted to determine if
recommended procedures were followed. Upon review of these documents and
follow-up interviews, reporters were able to reveal that there was an
astounding lack of regard to safety and these new mothers were not adequately

USA Today obtained dozens of records from hospitals in New York, Pennsylvania,
and the Carolinas. In these hospitals, they determined that less than
half of the mothers received prompt treatment for dangerous blood pressure
putting them at a higher risk for stroke. According to these same records,
less than 15 percent of these mothers at those hospitals who were under
distress received recommended treatments.

Hospitals and Communities of All Sizes

It isn’t uncommon for this lack of attention to occur in hospitals
of all sizes and in communities where there are small birthing units or
significant birthing centers utilizing state-of-the-art training and technology.
Mothers can experience this kind of negligence in their doctor’s
office when signs of serious complications are missed, or their doctor
fails to act upon them. These occurrences can happen either during the
pregnancy or following delivery.

Mortality Rates

In the United States, there has been a rise in the mortality rate in comparison
to other countries. For example, between 1990 and 2015, the number of
deaths related to giving birth in the majority of developed countries
is either dropping or running flat per 100,000 births. As of 2016, out
of every 100,000 births, there are 48.4 deaths in Georgia occurring. Indiana
has 43.6 deaths arising out of every 100,000 births. Louisiana has 58.1
deaths arising out of every 100,000 births. Each of these states has a
maternal mortality review program in place, but their hospital and doctor
failures aren’t apparent.

Hospitals Recognizing Need for Standards

Hospitals are recognizing the need to save mother’s lives through
the development of standardized care. Participation in a voluntary childbirth
safety improvement program has nearly doubled in the past year by maternity
hospitals seeking endorsement by leading medical societies. Despite these
efforts, though, mothers feel like doctors aren’t listening to them
during an emergency. It isn’t uncommon for these mothers to feel
powerless and experience frustration and anger during these situations.

Where to Go for Help

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