If your doctor fails to try more conservative measures to treat your medical
condition before resorting to
surgery, and you suffer serious and debilitating injuries or
nerve damage as a result, you may be able to file a
medical malpractice claim.

For instance, patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery face serious
risks, including infection, pulmonary embolism, and death. If a doctor
neglects to suggest changing your diet and exercising before operating,
he or she may be held liable for any injuries the patient suffers during
the procedure.

Likewise, time, exercise, and therapy will sometimes heal a patient’s
back. But an unscrupulous doctor may recommend unnecessary surgery without
discussing those options.

Unnecessary Surgery in the News

March 23, 2014, argusleader.com reported that Dr. Allen Sossan operated
on one patient more than a dozen times after convincing her that another
operation would alleviate the pain she still suffered after back surgery.

“She had two additional back surgeries within a month,” the
site stated. “Then another in May and another in July when she was
opened up from the front. Infections developed in her spine. The surgeries
caused a hernia, which required more surgery, which created additional

That patient later died in a nursing home, and a jury awarded her children
$930,000 in a
surgical malpractice lawsuit.

Unfortunately, Sossan’s story doesn’t end there.

“Doctors in [three states] were so alarmed about the outcomes of
his surgeries that they lodged complaints with medical boards,”
but, according to Argus Leader, those boards did not reprimand him. “It’s
not clear whether they even investigated the complaints.”

To this day, Sossan holds a license in two states and would still hold
a license in a third if he hadn’t let it lapse when he moved back to Iran.

“The guy has a lot of blood on his hands,” one doctor told
reporter Jonathan Ellis. “I’m talking dead people that had
things done that never should have been done.”

According to another doctor, one of Sossan’s patients was scheduled
to have three vertebrae cemented together, so he ran an X-ray and an MRI
and found that she didn’t even have a fracture.

That same patient was also scheduled to undergo carpal tunnel surgery,
and Sossan had already operated on her other wrist. She hadn’t suffered
any symptoms to necessitate the operation, but Sossan had told her she
needed it, so she trusted him and scheduled it.

The doctor who spoke to this patient filed a complaint against Sossan,
but the medical review board dropped it eight months later.

“I know at least two surgeons who reported this guy’s work,”
he told Ellis. But those complaints were dropped as well.

Why would a surgeon perform unnecessary surgery?

“[T]o me, he is just generating bills and income for himself, and
really with no rationale,” another doctor said during a deposition.

According to Argus Leader, orthopedic surgeons and spine surgeons generate
the most money for hospitals.

What Damages Can I Pursue in a Surgery Malpractice Claim?

Compensation will depend on the extent of your injuries and the impact
they’ve had on your life. In some cases, a patient may need additional
operations to correct something that was done during the unnecessary surgery.
A malpractice claim may recover these expenses. An attorney may also be
able to help you pursue non-economic damages may address pain and suffering,
mental anguish, reduced quality of life, and more.

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