After an accident caused in a medical setting by a physician or nurse,
you will probably want to sue the hospital for negligence. However, before
you sue the hospital, it is vital to take care of yourself so that your
health is not jeopardized any more than it already has been.

After a suspected case of medical malpractice in Ohio you should:

  • seek immediate medical attention from a different doctor;
  • know what injuries you have sustained and how you got them;
  • file a report with the hospital and doctor; and
  • hire an attorney experienced with medical malpractice in Ohio who can help
    you sue a hospital.

It is important that you do not wait not only to get medical care for your
accident, but also that you also seek legal assistance. The state limits
the amount of time for you to sue a hospital.
Medical malpractice in Ohio is a serious situation and should not be taken lightly.

If you fail to take legal actions against a hospital for negligence, you
could allow the hospital to get away with hurting another patient. Let
a lawyer help you sue a hospital and get you the compensation you deserve
while you focus on recovering and healing from your injuries.