Losing a loved one can be a devastating experience and one that can leave
a lasting mark on your life. When that death occurs as a result of someone
else’s negligence, the loss can feel even more unjust and painful.
Stress, anxiety and depression — all common occurrences following
a loss — can take a significant toll on your physical and psychological
health, especially following a wrongful death incident.

That’s why it’s especially important to take care of yourself,
doing all you can to improve your underlying health so you’re better
able to cope with your loss and to move forward with your life. Here’s
what you can — and should — do to care for yourself following
a personal loss:

Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep is when the body heals, and lack of sleep can increase the likelihood
of physical illness in addition to contributing to moodiness, depression,
and stress that arises after a loved one’s sudden passing. You can
find some great tips for good sleep at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Stay Physically Active

Physical activity isn’t just good for your health — it also
stimulates the release of brain chemicals that help stabilize and improve
your mood. Plus, being physically active also helps improve sleep patterns.
And if you get activity outdoors, the fresh air, sunshine, and change
of scenery can all help you feel more like yourself.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Stress from the wrongful death of a loved one can affect eating habits
in many ways. Be on the lookout for loss of appetite or binge-eating,
both of which are unhealthy but not uncommon after a loved one’s
death. If you’re struggling to eat or find yourself taking comfort
in foods and gaining weight, consider a visit to your doctor.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Using drugs or alcohol to mask the pain of your loved one’s death
or to help you “forget” may seem tempting, but it can quickly
lead to a dangerous addiction or serious medical problems. If you feel
you are unable to cope, talk to your physician about what options are
available to you.

Understand It’s Okay to Get Help

Grieving is healthy, and not everyone experiences grief in the same way
or at the same “pace” or intensity. But when you let grief
and sadness overwhelm your life and interfere with your ability to cope
and to find happiness, it may be time to seek professional help, either
from a psychologist or other counselor, or from a support group of other
grievers. Remember that as painful as your loss may be, your loved one
would never want to feel their absence could harm you physically or emotionally.

Caring for yourself is important not only to help you move forward after
a loved one’s death, but also to allow you to be of sound mind and
body to fight for the justice they deserve. If your loved one was a victim
of wrongful death or if you suspect negligence played a role in their
death, we can help.

While financial compensation can’t bring your loved one back, it
can help offset some of the financial responsibilities that may be left
behind, and it can help you ensure justice is done. The Mellino Law Firm
is a leading
wrongful death law firm that serves clients from throughout the Cleveland metro area, and we’re
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