August 20, 2014, reported that a jury awarded a woman $4 million for her husband’s
heart attack misdiagnosis after a seven-day
medical malpractice trial.

According to the article, her husband fell ill after breakfast in January
2008. Two days later, he went to the emergency room with chest pain and
other symptoms. Those symptoms should have compelled the doctor “to
question and investigate a serious and potentially life-threatening heart
condition,” the lawsuit stated. Instead of performing necessary
tests, he sent the patient home after four or five hours. Four days later,
the man clutched his heart, told his wife to call 9-1-1, and died at the hospital.

The defendant’s attorneys and expert witnesses said the man went
to the hospital with the flu, not a heart condition, the plaintiff’s
lawyer told “I know she is proud of the jury for sticking
up for her and her husband.”

Heart Surgeon Faces Fourth Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Heart surgeon Pervaiz Chaudhry now faces a fourth medical malpractice lawsuit,
according to an
ABC News affiliate. The August 15, 2014, article said substance abuse may have
been to blame for the patient’s death.

Earlier this year, reported that a 72-year-old patient suffered
severe bleeding, cardiac arrest, and went into a vegetative state after
Chaudhry walked out during a 2012 surgery and left an assistant to close
the man’s chest cavity. That patient now resides at a nursing home.
His family’s lawsuit accuses the hospital of knowing about the doctor’s
substance abuse problem and his tendency to leave the OR mid-operation.

Chaudhry’s attorney denied both counts; however, state law says “surgical
procedures requiring other than local anesthesia may be performed only
in the personal presence of an approved supervising physician.”
After an investigation, the facility was fined $75,000, and Chaudhry was
allegedly suspended for 14 days, ordered to undergo further training,
and then monitored for several weeks.

An attorney for the family told reporters that Chaudhry brings a lot of
money into the hospital since “cardiac surgeries are one of the
biggest revenue sources for hospitals.” Chaudhry ranked as one of
the top five cardiologists in his state and performed 345 bypass surgeries
between 2009 and 10, but he also scored in the top seven as far as patient
deaths. The article said his death rate was nearly double the statewide
average, but Chaudhry reportedly disputed that fact in April 2013 and
blamed deaths on his high-risk patients.

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